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Urology Week 2022 – Bladder Cancer Overview

Written by | 19 Sep 2022

Every year the European Association of Urology (EAU) hosts Urology Week, an international campaign for increasing awareness of urological conditions and treatment. This year, Urology Week (26-30 September… read more.

Why bladder cancer matters

Written by | 19 Sep 2022

Bladder cancer is the 5th most common tumour in men and the 7-8th most common tumour women, according to Professor Arnulf Stenzl, Head of the Department of Urology in the… read more.

Re-TUR: depends on surgeon skill or tumour biology?

Written by | 19 Sep 2022

Current guidelines recommend a repeat TUR (re-TUR) for T1 bladder tumours but this carries risks and could be avoided if a good, complete TUR is done in the… read more.

Cystectomy vs trimodality bladder preserving treatment for muscle invasive bladder cancer (MIBC)

Written by | 19 Sep 2022

According to the updated EAU guidelines long-term survival with trimodality bladder preserving treatment (TMT) could be as good as with radical cystectomy (RC), in selected patients. During the… read more.

Trimodality therapy for MIBC – present and future directions

Written by | 19 Sep 2022

Trimodality bladder preserving treatment (TMT) for muscle invasive bladder cancer is gaining ground but careful patient selection is essential for success – only 10-20 percent of cases fit… read more.

Bladder-sparing strategies in the management of muscle-invasive bladder cancer

Written by | 19 Sep 2022

For many years surgery has been regarded as the gold standard for MIBC but now comparative trials, epidemiological findings and a meta-analysis of trials all show that outcomes… read more.

Current trials with intravesical treatment in high-risk BCG-naïve NMIBC

Written by | 19 Sep 2022

Intravesical therapy with chemotherapy or BCG is the recommended adjuvant treatment after TURBT to minimise the risk of recurrence. BCG shortages continue and BCG is not suitable for… read more.

En bloc resection vs TURBT for NMIBC

Written by | 19 Sep 2022

The traditional surgical technique for TURBT involves piecemeal removal of the tumour whereas en bloc resection (ERBT) removes the whole tumour in one piece. Professor Jørgen Bjerggaard Jensen (Aarhus, Denmark)… read more.

Immunotherapy: Adjuvant immune checkpoint inhibitors for everybody?

Written by | 19 Sep 2022

The introduction of immunotherapy with immune checkpoint inhibitors has improved outcomes in trials. In this video Professor Morgan Roupret explains the current situation regarding immunotherapy and bladder cancer: This session… read more.

Lynch syndrome – what urologists need to know

Written by | 19 Sep 2022

Lynch syndrome, an inherited cancer syndrome, has been prominently associated with colorectal cancer but other organs, including the urinary tract can also be affected. As a hereditary condition,… read more.

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