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Precision epigenetic therapy

Written by | 10 Sep 2019

“The genome can be thought of as the hardware driving a cell whereas the epigenome is more like the software – it is dynamic and erasable”, said Professor Ari… read more.

Integrating new cellular therapies

Written by | 10 Sep 2019

Prof Stephen Ansell (Rochester, USA) discusses how the new cellular technologies are being integrated into standard practice.Written by Esther Drain.

Next generation CAR T cells for lymphoma and beyond

Written by | 10 Sep 2019

The first CAR T-cell treatment was administered in 2010 but the field has developed rapidly since then and in the first quarter of 2018 more than 100 trials… read more.

Perspectives on Hodgkin Lymphoma

Written by | 10 Sep 2019

Checkmate 205, Cohort D. The results of the two-year, post-treatment follow-up of the Checkmate 205, Cohort D study group suggests that nivolumab followed by nivolumab + AVD could… read more.

Improvements still needed with front-line treatment

Written by | 10 Sep 2019

Although early stage HL patients have an outstanding result, according to Prof Stephen Ansell (Rochester, USA), he argues that those with stage 3 and 4 disease don’t do nearly as… read more.

Treating HL in the new millennium

Written by | 10 Sep 2019

Prof Peter Johnson (Southampton, UK) discusses where there is consensus and controversy in the management of HL in 2019, as well as talking about the key takeaways from his… read more.

Double hit lymphoma – so what?

Written by | 10 Sep 2019

Professor Andrew Davies (Southampton, UK) discussed his presentation on double hit lymphoma. Written by Christine Clark.

Plenary – Lenalidomide plus RCHOP in DLBCL

Written by | 10 Sep 2019

Prof Andy Davies (Southampton, UK) discusses 2 important abstracts presented in the plenary session at ICML looking at whether there was a benefit to adding lenalidomide to RCHOP for… read more.

Hot topics in lymphoma for 2019

Written by | 10 Sep 2019

To give you a flavour of key recent advances in the management of lymphoma we asked in this video a group of experts at ICML this summer what… read more.

ICML 2017: Response-adapted therapy for Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Written by | 30 Sep 2017

Professor Peter Johnson (Southampton, UK) tells us what’s new with response-adapted therapy and what are the benefits to patients.

ICML Highlights: Hot debates in Hodgkin Lymphoma

Written by | 9 Aug 2017

An entertaining case discussion session, chaired by Craig Moskowitz at ICML-14, highlighted some of the hot debates in Hodgkin lymphoma as discussed here by Professor Stephen Ansell (Rochester, USA),… read more.

ICML 2017: Highlights

Written by | 30 Jul 2017

Interviewer: Esther Drain Dr Toby Eyre (Oxford),  Professor Anas Younes (MSKCC, USA), Dr Andrew Davies (Southampton) and Dr Graham Collins (Oxford) discuss new data in CAR T cell therapy and the first EZH2 inhibitor, tazemetostat, in… read more.

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