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Exercise solution for gym women with continence concerns

Written by | 15 Feb 2023

Women with continence issues are reluctant to continue many sports and gym programs, but new research has found a way to help women undertake resistance training that will… read more.

Does what you drink affect your risk of urinary incontinence?

Written by | 19 Dec 2022

Urinary incontinence affects nearly 20% of women aged older than 50 years. Many factors can influence a woman’s risk of urinary incontinence. A new study suggests that despite… read more.

Bariatric surgery results in durable improvement in urinary incontinence

Written by | 15 Dec 2022

Bariatric surgery appears to provide durable improvement in urinary incontinence, researchers reported on Dec. 9, 2022 in JAMA Network Open. “Specifically, over half of women and men with… read more.

Pharmacist-based deprescribing successfully reduced older adults’ exposure to anticholinergic drugs

Written by | 22 Jul 2022

Anticholinergics, a class of drugs frequently prescribed for depression, urinary incontinence and many other conditions common in older adults, affect the brain by blocking acetylcholine, a nervous system… read more.

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