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Lockdown skin cancer diagnosis delays linked to deaths and £6bn costs in Europe

Written by | 21 Feb 2024

Delays in diagnosing melanoma due to Covid-19 lockdown may have contributed to over 100,000 years of life lost across Europe and over £6bn in costs, mainly indirectly due… read more.

AI software shows significant improvement in skin cancer detection, new study shows

Written by | 15 Oct 2023

Skin cancer detection using artificial intelligence (AI) software has rapidly improved, new research has shown, with the latest software reaching a 100% detection rate for melanoma.1 The study,… read more.

Curettage and cryosurgery – effective for the most common skin cancer

Written by | 16 Jul 2023

The combination of curettage and cryosurgery is a safe and effective treatment method for the most common form of skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma. A study from the… read more.

Study shows promising results for immunotherapy targeting skin cancer

Written by | 28 Apr 2023

A new class of immunotherapy shows promising results for fighting the most aggressive form of skin cancer. The study, published today in Nature Communications by researchers from King’s College London… read more.

Simple laser treatments may help prevent nonmelanoma skin cancer

Written by | 23 Jan 2023

New research indicates that simple laser treatments to the skin may help to prevent the development of basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, which are collectively known… read more.

Fewer cases of melanoma among people taking vitamin D supplements

Written by | 13 Jan 2023

Fewer cases of melanoma were observed among regular users of vitamin D supplements than among non-users, a new study finds. People taking vitamin D supplements regularly also had… read more.

Extreme weather events have a significant negative impact on skin disease

Written by | 30 Oct 2022

The skin is a large, complex organ, and it serves as the body’s primary interface with the environment, playing key roles in sensory, thermoregulatory, barrier, and immunological functioning…. read more.

Nivolumab study supports use of immune checkpoint inhibitors in advanced skin cancer

Written by | 25 Oct 2022

Researchers report that patients with advanced cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, a skin cancer and one of the most frequent malignancies worldwide, benefit from treatment with the immune checkpoint… read more.

New major survey finds ‘healthy’ suntan myths persist despite warnings about skin cancer and aging

Written by | 12 Sep 2022

(7 September 2022, Milan, Italy) 8 in 10 Europeans believe tans are attractive with almost as many (73%) saying tans are healthy, according to a new study presented… read more.

Sun safety for children – new research will explore the role of primary schools in preventing skin cancer

Written by | 17 Jun 2022

With skin cancer rates rising, much of it preventable, a new research project is to explore the role of primary schools in Wales and assess the effectiveness of… read more.

Many pathologists agree overdiagnosis of skin cancer happens, but don’t change diagnosis behavior

Written by | 10 May 2022

As the most serious type of skin cancer, a melanoma diagnosis carries emotional, financial and medical consequences. That’s why recent studies finding that there is an overdiagnosis of… read more.

Patients with rare skin cancer face 40% recurrence rate

Written by | 26 Feb 2022

Patients treated for Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC) face a five-year recurrence rate of 40% — markedly higher than the recurrence rates for cand other skin cancers, according to… read more.

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