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Coronavirus tests – how should they be used?

Written by | 27 Oct 2020

Article by Christine Clark and Peter Mas-Mollinedo Interview by Peter Mas-Mollinedo People often ask if there a case for using both the molecular test and the antigen test.

Coronavirus tests – the basics

Written by | 26 Oct 2020

Understanding what the different tests mean and how they can be used most appropriately underpins the test and trace process.

Clinical trials for seladelpar in NASH, PBC and PSC may resume- CymaBay Therapeutics

Written by | 24 Jul 2020

CymaBay Therapeutics announced that the FDA lifted clinical holds on seladelpar for all three Investigational New Drug (IND) Applications in Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH), Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC) and… read more.

IMV 2015: New diagnostic criteria for multiple myeloma

Written by | 13 Nov 2015

Multiple myeloma is unique amongst cancers in that the diagnosis is made by the clinician, not the pathologist. The pathologist merely states that the patient has a clonal… read more.

ICML 2015 Report: Thirty years of progress in cutaneous lymphoma research

Written by | 28 Jul 2015

John Ultmann Memorial Lecture / by Maria Dalby.  Cutaneous lymphomas are rare conditions that require careful linking of clinical features with pathological findings for accurate diagnoses and effective… read more.

ICML 2015 Report: Update on the revision of the WHO lymphoma classification

Written by | 28 Jul 2015

Steven H Swerdlow, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, USA, / by Maria Dalby.  Knowledge is evolving fast in the field of lymphoma and the 2008 World Health Organization… read more.

ASH 2014: T-cell lymphomas: a challenge for clinicians

Written by | 19 Dec 2014

by Thomas R. Collins: Treating patients with T-cell lymphomas is fraught with challenges, requiring new approaches and sharper diagnosis, said Timothy Illidge, MD, PhD, Professor of Targeted Therapy… read more.

BTS 2013 Report – When one is not enough: dual kidney transplantation

Written by | 22 Apr 2013

by Maria Dalby reporting on the presentation by Lucrezia Furian, University of Padova, Italy.  Donors are getting older and the quality of organs offered to centres for transplantation… read more.

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