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Novel AI algorithm for digital pathology analysis

Written by | 9 Jun 2022

Digital pathology is an emerging field which deals with mainly microscopy images that are derived from patient biopsies. Because of the high resolution, most of these whole slide… read more.

Artificial intelligence model can predict whether Crohn disease will recur after surgery

Written by | 6 Jun 2022

Using an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that emulates how humans visualize and is trained to recognize and classify images, investigators constructed a model that predicts the postoperative recurrence… read more.

New study shows genes can predict response to arthritis treatment and paves the way for future drug development

Written by | 31 May 2022

New research from Queen Mary University of London, published in Nature Medicine, has shown that molecular profiling of the diseased joint tissue can significantly impact whether specific drug treatments will… read more.

Many pathologists agree overdiagnosis of skin cancer happens, but don’t change diagnosis behavior

Written by | 10 May 2022

As the most serious type of skin cancer, a melanoma diagnosis carries emotional, financial and medical consequences. That’s why recent studies finding that there is an overdiagnosis of… read more.

Research in human kidney organoids reveals target to prevent irreversible kidney damage

Written by | 13 Apr 2022

To a certain extent, kidneys have the capacity to repair themselves after being injured, but a switch can occur from such intrinsic repair to incomplete repair that leads… read more.

Troponin emerges as marker of death risk after cardiac surgery

Written by | 26 Mar 2022

Canadian researchers report that troponin levels after cardiac surgery could be a significant marker for 30-day mortality risk. Their findings were published on March 2, 2022 in the… read more.

Using Artificial Intelligence to solve one of health care’s most enduring problems

Written by | 18 Mar 2022

Medical imaging is one of the most widely used diagnostic tools in health care with providers ordering dozens of imaging studies for their patients every day. These studies… read more.

New resistance-busting antibiotic combination could extend the use of ‘last-resort’ antibiotics

Written by | 29 Dec 2021

Scientists have discovered a new potential treatment that has the ability to reverse antibiotic resistance in bacteria that cause conditions such as sepsis, pneumonia, and urinary tract infections…. read more.

FDA approves Tecartus for B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia – Kite

Written by | 21 Dec 2021

Kite announced the FDA has granted approval for Tecartus (brexucabtagene autoleucel) for the treatment of adult patients (18 years and older) with relapsed or refractory B-cell precursor acute… read more.

How the superbug Pseudomonas aeruginosa reacts to antibiotics

Written by | 8 Dec 2021

The bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa is resistant to all antibiotics on the market. Therefore, there is a great need for new therapeutic approaches. In order to find them, it… read more.

Human Proteoform Project to map proteins in human body

Written by | 4 Dec 2021

Project will accelerate the development of precision diagnostics and therapeutics. Now that the Human Genome Project has officially wrapped, an international team of researchers will map the entire… read more.

Early bedtime may prevent serious disease

Written by | 4 Dec 2021

A new study from the ZOE research group shows that the quality of sleep can impact blood sugar control and therefore weight and overall health. 1 Sleep, diet… read more.

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