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Can yoga effectively treat chronic back pain?

Written by | 24 Feb 2024

New research published in the Journal of Orthopaedic Research suggests that the physical postures, breathing exercises, and mindfulness practices of yoga may benefit individuals with back pain. In the study,… read more.

Could an already approved drug cut down on opioid use after surgery?

Written by | 7 Feb 2024

Researchers in the Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) have found that an FDA-approved drug may help to decrease pain after surgery…. read more.

When are opioid prescription limits effective in reducing prescription length?

Written by | 2 Feb 2024

Many states have passed new laws that place restrictions on the duration of first-time opioid prescriptions to help address the opioid epidemic. While most laws are one-size-fits-all, policies… read more.

Rapid high-dose buprenorphine treatment strategy reduces opioid withdrawal in individuals using fentanyl

Written by | 9 Nov 2023

Buprenorphine is a medication approved for pain and opioid dependence. New findings published in The American Journal on Addictions indicate that a transmucosal dose (which dissolves in the mouth) of… read more.

Can cognitive-behavioral therapy lessen fibromyalgia pain?

Written by | 21 Sep 2023

In a recent randomized clinical trial of patients with fibromyalgia, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)—which uses structured techniques to alter distorted thoughts and negative moods—was superior to a matched education… read more.

Anesthesiologists should play bigger role in perioperative care of people with Substance Use Disorders

Written by | 30 Aug 2023

As use and misuse of alcohol, opioids, and psychostimulants continues to increase, anesthesiologists can become a more integral part of the care team managing patients with a Substance… read more.

Opioids no more effective than placebo for acute back and neck pain

Written by | 5 Jul 2023

Opioid pain-relieving medicines are not more effective than a placebo in relieving acute back and neck pain and may even cause harm, according to a world-first trial led… read more.

Easier access to opioid painkillers may reduce opioid-related deaths

Written by | 3 Jul 2023

Increasing access to prescription opioid painkillers may reduce opioid overdose deaths in the United States, according to a Rutgers study. “When access to prescription opioids is heavily restricted,… read more.

In 2050, over 800 million people globally estimated to be living with back pain

Written by | 29 May 2023

Analysis of over 30 years of data has shown the number of cases of low back pain is growing, with modelling suggesting by 2050, 843 million people will… read more.

Cannabis knocks down pain, improves sleep and lifts brain fog in cancer patients

Written by | 2 May 2023

Cancer patients who use cannabis to address their symptoms have less pain and sleep better, according to new University of Colorado Boulder research. But they also experience another,… read more.

Study points to cause of safety concerns in widely used painkiller diclofenac

Written by | 28 Apr 2023

Safety concerns related to the widely used painkiller diclofenac may be tied to a little-studied drug-metabolizing enzyme whose expression can vary as much as 3,000 times from one… read more.

Postpartum women filled more opioid prescriptions during pandemic

Written by | 6 Apr 2023

Women who gave birth during the COVID-19 pandemic filled significantly more prescriptions for opioid medications, according to new research from the University of Georgia. Published in the Journal… read more.

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