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Body changes up to eight years before inflammatory bowel disease diagnosis

Written by | 13 Nov 2023

Researchers at the Francis Crick Institute and Aalborg University in Copenhagen have shown that changes can be detected in blood tests up to eight years before a diagnosis… read more.

Inflammatory bowel disease linked to increased risk of stroke

Written by | 18 Jun 2023

People with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are more likely to have a stroke than people without the disease, according to a study published in the June 14, 2023,… read more.

Frequent use of antibiotics may heighten inflammatory bowel disease risk in over 40s

Written by | 11 Jan 2023

Frequent use of antibiotics may heighten the risk of inflammatory bowel disease—Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis—among the over 40s, suggests research published online in the journal Gut. The risk… read more.

Translational science in IBD

Written by | 9 Apr 2019

Dr Bram Verstockt (Leuven, Belgium) discusses a biopsy study looking at increases NCR+ ILC3 levels in IBD patients on biologic therapy.

IBD around the world

Written by | 9 Apr 2019

IBD is still mainly a phenomenon of the Western world, but the incidence is increasing steeply in newly industrialised countries where the population is undergoing rapid urbanisation…

Metabolic profiling

Written by | 13 Mar 2019

Metabolic interactions between the gut microbiome and its human host are thought to play a key role in the development of IBD and may hold the key to… read more.

VARSITY: head to head comparison of adalimumab vs vedolizumab in UC

Written by | 13 Mar 2019

The first-ever head-to-head comparative trial of two biological therapies in IBD indicates that UC patients treated with vedolizumab are significantly more likely to achieve remission than with adalimumab…. read more.

ECCO 2019 highlights

Written by | 11 Mar 2019

The sessions at ECCO 2019 were packed full of interesting data highlights and hot topics relevant to the treatment of IBD. In the video above, Professor Stefan Schreiber… read more.

UEGW 2018: Clinical trials in IBD – late-breaking abstracts

Written by | 4 Nov 2018

Among the late-breaking clinical trial abstracts at UEG Week were new data for ustekinumab in UC, a new formulation for subcutaneous administration of vedolizumab, and early clinical data… read more.

UEGW 2018: Future therapies in IBD

Written by | 3 Nov 2018

Professor Stefan Schreiber (Germany) discusses  the future of therapies in IBD.

UEGW 2018: Debate: Treat to target and tight monitoring in IBD

Written by | 2 Nov 2018

Dr Filip Baert (Belgium) discusses the debate at UEGW on treating to target and tight monitoring in IBD.

UEGW 2018: IBD: from epidemiology to costs and outcome

Written by | 1 Nov 2018

Dr Johan Burisch (Denmark) reviews data he presented on the cost saving effect of biological therapy in patients with IBD.

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