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Significant variations in hip fracture health costs and care between NHS hospitals and regions, study finds

Written by | 5 Sep 2023

There are significant variations in healthcare spending and care delivery across NHS hospitals in England and Wales following hip fracture, a new study aimed at understanding how hospital… read more.

How women can reduce the risk of hip fracture

Written by | 6 Dec 2022

Increasing intake of protein and drinking regular cups of tea or coffee is a way women could reduce their risk of suffering a hip fracture, according to new… read more.

Could blood marker predict the risk of osteoporotic hip fracture in men?

Written by | 19 Aug 2022

Bone health requires a balanced activity of various bone cell types including bone-forming osteoblasts and bone-resorbing osteoclasts. Osteoporosis occurs when osteoclasts dominate without adequate bone formation to compensate…. read more.

Spinal anesthesia linked to higher painkiller use in hip fracture patients

Written by | 16 Jun 2022

For some surgeries, spinal anesthesia has been increasingly used instead of general anesthesia as a method to provide more comfort to patients and cut down on painkiller use…. read more.

Does a home-based exercise program benefit patients after hip fracture surgery?

Written by | 21 May 2022

A study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society indicates that a 12-month home-based progressive and supervised exercise program can help to improve functioning and physical performance after… read more.

Spinal and general anesthesia associated with similar outcomes in hip-fracture surgery

Written by | 15 Oct 2021

For survival and functional recovery, spinal anesthesia for hip-fracture surgery is not superior to general anesthesia, researchers reported on Oct. 9 in the NEJM/New England Journal of Medicine…. read more.

Early mobilisation after hip fracture associated with improved survival and recovery

Written by | 11 Jul 2021

The Bone and Joint Journal Early mobilisation after hip fracture surgery has become standard care on the basis of national guidance. The evidence for this is based on… read more.

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