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State of the art clinical trials

Written by | 6 May 2019

Professor Sagar Lonial (Atlanta, USA) opened the UKMF by discussing the latest evidence in the management of myeloma, with comment from session chair Professor Gordon Cook (Leeds, UK).

Bridging the gap between clinical trial results and real-world myeloma practices

Written by | 5 May 2019

Professor Graham Jackson (Newcastle, UK) gives an overview of his presentation  on real world management of myeloma patients in the UK, with comments from Professor Sagar Lonial (Atlanta, USA). Professor Jackson… read more.

Maintenance therapy in newly diagnosed MM – a reality in the UK?

Written by | 4 May 2019

Professor Gordon Cook (Leeds, UK), Professor Guy Pratt (Birmingham, UK) and Professor Graham Jackson (Newcastle, UK) discuss the need for maintenance in the up-front setting for UK patients and the new data on… read more.

What are the opportunities for genomic-driven change in lymphoma?

Written by | 3 May 2019

Dr Chris Fox (Nottingham, UK) highlights another presentation from Lymphoma SIG around the opportunities for genomic-driven change in lymphoma.

Frontline therapy in multiple myeloma therapy: current evidence and future research

Written by | 2 May 2019

Professor Graham Jackson (Newcastle, UK) held a ‘meet the expert’ session at BSH 2019 covering the rapidly changing world of frontline therapy in myeloma.

Highlights from BSH 2019

Written by | 1 May 2019

The 2019 annual meeting of the BSH showcased the best UK research with over 36 sessions covering a range of important issues related to the treatment of haematological… read more.

EHA 2018: UK real-world outcomes in NDMM

Written by | 1 May 2019

Faouzi Djebbari (Oxford) also gives his thoughts on the unmet needs of the newly diagnosed MM patient who is ineligble for stem cell transplantation.

Highlights from ASH 2018

Written by | 14 Feb 2019

As usual, ASH provided lots of exciting updates in the management of lymphoma. One particularly interesting study from which data was presented at ASH was the ECHELON-2 study,… read more.

ASH 2018: Advances in the management of peripheral T-cell lymphoma

Written by | 5 Feb 2019

Peripheral T-cell lymphoma (PTCL) is a heterogeneous group of lymphoid malignancies that often fails to respond to standard of care treatment,1-3 and the need for new therapies is… read more.

ASH 2018: Phoenix and other DLBCL study updates

Written by | 5 Feb 2019

Professor Anas Younes (New York, USA) and Dr Andrew Davies (Southampton, UK) discuss the outcomes from the Pheonix study, with Professor Anas Younes (New York, USA) highlighting future… read more.

ASH 2018: Advances in RRMM

Written by | 25 Jan 2019

Relapsed and refractory MM continues to challenge clinicians and several oral abstracts at ASH 2018 presented new and updated data on delaying disease progression and prolonging survival after… read more.

ASH 2018: TOURMALINE-MM3 study

Written by | 25 Jan 2019

Article written by Maria Dalby. Interview by Hannah Chatfield. Professor Kwee Yong (London, UK), Dr Martin Kaiser (London, UK) and Professor Gareth Morgan (Arkansas, USA) discuss the results from the Tourmaline-MM3 study and… read more.

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