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Why migraine frequently occurs during menstruation

Written by | 25 Feb 2023

When women suffer migraine attacks, it is often just before or during their monthly period. A team of researchers from Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin has now identified a… read more.

Exercise solution for gym women with continence concerns

Written by | 15 Feb 2023

Women with continence issues are reluctant to continue many sports and gym programs, but new research has found a way to help women undertake resistance training that will… read more.

Study confirms pancreatic cancer rates rising faster in women than men

Written by | 14 Feb 2023

In a large-scale nationwide study, investigators from Cedars-Sinai Cancer have confirmed that rates of pancreatic cancer are rising – and are rising faster among younger women, particularly Black women, than… read more.

One in two cancer patients may develop long COVID, with risk higher in women

Written by | 12 Feb 2023

More than one in two cancer patients at a US cancer centre experienced symptoms of long COVID-19 for more than six months after initial infection, according to a… read more.

Menstrual symptoms hurt workplace productivity of many women, UVA health study finds

Written by | 3 Feb 2023

Menstrual symptoms reduce the workplace productivity of many American women, with 45.2% reporting that their symptoms require them to take days off, according to a new UVA Health… read more.

Women with diabetes at an early age likely to enter menopause early

Written by | 16 Oct 2022

Persons living with diabetes are at greater risk of a number of health conditions including eye and foot problems, heart attacks and strokes, and kidney and nerve damage…. read more.

Greater uptake of breast cancer screening if appointments are pre-booked

Written by | 14 Oct 2022

The study, published today in the Journal of Medical Screening, found that issuing pre-booked appointments, rather than invitations to book an appointment, could lead to substantially greater uptake of… read more.

160 million women worldwide have unmet contraception needs; new study reveals large differences in types of contraceptives used across regions and age groups

Written by | 23 Jul 2022

Published today in The Lancet journal by the Global Burden of Disease study, the most comprehensive assessment of worldwide contraceptive need and use estimated that over 160 million women and… read more.

Women with endometriosis may have higher risk of stroke

Written by | 21 Jul 2022

A large, prospective study found that women with endometriosis may have a higher risk of stroke compared to women without the chronic inflammatory condition, according to new research published today… read more.

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