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Improving access to early-stage lung cancer care in Europe

Written by | 8 Mar 2024

There are stark differences between European countries when it comes to both the reimbursement of, and access to, new treatments for patients with early-stage lung cancer. There are… read more.

Equivalency of drug and non-drug therapy for depression in heart failure

Written by | 3 Feb 2024

To treat depression in heart failure, patients can receive with similar efficacy either behavioral activation psychotherapy or antidepressant drug therapy, researchers report. The findings appeared on Jan.17, 2024… read more.

A holistic approach to drug therapy for heart failure

Written by | 8 Jul 2023

A recent publication described the holistic approach to drug therapy in a patient with heart failure – an area where treatment has changed considerably over the past 30… read more.

Who should oversee heart failure management?

Written by | 7 Jul 2023

The management of heart failure treatment is probably best done by a primary care team and pharmacists can play a major role in prescribing, says Paul Forsyth, Lead… read more.

What are the key challenges in the treatment of heart failure?

Written by | 6 Jul 2023

The key challenges in heart failure treatment include reaching the target dose, awareness of drug-specific issues that influence effectiveness and tackling adherence problems, according to Paul Forsyth, Lead… read more.

Eye drops slow nearsightedness progression in kids, study finds

Written by | 4 Jun 2023

The results of a new clinical trial suggest that the first drug therapy to slow the progression of nearsightedness in kids could be on the horizon. The three-year… read more.

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