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Specialist weight-loss services in England unable to keep up with spiralling demand

Written by | 20 Jun 2024

One in six integrated care boards (ICBs) in England have stopped accepting new patients for specialist weight management services as their referral numbers spiral out of control, an… read more.

Adding obesity experts to primary care clinics improves patients’ weight loss outcomes

Written by | 24 May 2024

Giving high-risk patients access to an obesity specialist through their regular primary care clinic increased their chances of receiving at least one evidence-based weight-management treatment, and led to… read more.

Few newly diagnosed type 2 diabetics succeed in losing weight – weight gain linked to much higher risk of complications

Written by | 11 Apr 2024

A register-based study from Finland identified three distinct BMI trajectory groups among patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes. In a four-year follow-up, most patients followed a stable… read more.

Replacing sugar with sweeteners can improve weight loss control over the long-term in adults in the overweight range, finds European randomised controlled trial

Written by | 26 Mar 2024

New research being presented at this year’s European Congress on Obesity (ECO) in Venice, Italy (12-15 May), suggests that replacing sugar-sweetened food and drinks with low/no energy sweetened… read more.

Very low calorie diets are safe and acceptable for teenagers with moderate to severe obesity when used short-term and supported by a dietitian, Australian study finds

Written by | 22 Mar 2024

Short-term very low calorie diets are safe for teenagers living with moderate to severe obesity when closely monitored by an experienced dietitian, new research to be presented at… read more.

Patients with obesity and kidney failure may be newly eligible for kidney transplants

Written by | 20 Mar 2024

A collaborative study between a bariatric and transplant surgery team has introduced new hope for patients suffering from end-stage renal disease (ESRD) who are also struggling with obesity…. read more.

Bariatric surgery provides long-term blood glucose control, type 2 diabetes remission

Written by | 29 Feb 2024

People with type 2 diabetes who underwent bariatric surgery achieved better long-term blood glucose control compared to people who received medical management plus lifestyle interventions, according to a… read more.

New year brought increased consumer interest in food and nutrition resolutions

Written by | 20 Feb 2024

Food or nutrition-related New Year’s resolutions were more popular among consumers going into 2024 compared to last year, according to the January Consumer Food Insights Report. This year 25% of… read more.

New weight loss medication may help lower blood pressure in adults with obesity

Written by | 5 Feb 2024

The new weight loss medication tirzepatide significantly lowered the systolic blood pressure (the top number in a blood pressure reading) for nearly 500 adults with obesity who took… read more.

‘Slimming’ significantly alters your microbiome and brain activity

Written by | 14 Jan 2024

Weight loss via intermittent energy restriction (IER) results in changes in the brain and in the gut, according to scientists in China. IER involves days of relative fasting… read more.

Alarm over lax oversight of weight loss drug ads that could harm patients

Written by | 19 Dec 2023

UK organisations responsible for protecting the public from prescription-only drug adverts are putting patients at risk from the harms of weight loss drugs by not enforcing the law,… read more.

Zepbound (tirzepatide) achieved additional 6.7% weight loss following a 36-week open-label lead-in period, for a total mean weight loss of 26.0% from study entry over 88 weeks – Eli Lilly

Written by | 16 Dec 2023

Detailed results from SURMOUNT-4, which showed Zepbound (tirzepatide) injection achieved superior mean percent change in body weight compared to placebo in adults with obesity or overweight with weight-related… read more.

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