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Personalized screening early in pregnancy may improve preeclampsia detection

Written by | 8 May 2024

A new screening algorithm for preeclampsia combining maternal history, ultrasound data and several tests for blood markers may better predict the majority of preeclampsia cases in the first… read more.

Screening tests for dense breasts—AI, mammography, ultrasound

Written by | 1 Aug 2023

Findings from an aaccepted manuscript published in the American Journal of Roentgenology (AJR) suggest that for patients with dense breasts undergoing screening in the incidence setting, a commercial AI tool did… read more.

Which women should receive more than mammograms to screen for breast cancer?

Written by | 15 Jun 2023

Study’s findings point to the importance of considering other risk factors beyond breast density. Dense breast tissue, which contains a higher proportion of fibrous tissue than fat, is… read more.

Ultrasound breaks new ground for forearm fractures in children

Written by | 5 Jun 2023

Portable ultrasound devices could provide an alternative to x-ray machines for diagnosing forearm fractures in children in a move that could alleviate waiting times for families in hospital… read more.

Awake patients can have kidney stones moved, blasted

Written by | 11 Oct 2022

A new technique which combines the use of two ultrasound technologies may offer an option to move kidney stones out of the ureter with minimal pain and no… read more.

Researchers use ultrasound to predict ovarian cancer

Written by | 25 Mar 2022

The appearance of ovarian lesions on ultrasound is an effective predictor of cancer risk that can help women avoid unnecessary surgery, according to a new study published in… read more.

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