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How ovarian tissue freezing could prevent menopause—possibly forever

Written by | 13 Feb 2024

Most women agree that menopause has its advantages and disadvantages. Some relish the end of menstruation and concerns about unplanned pregnancies, while others dread the possibililty of hot… read more.

African women living with HIV have an effective option to prevent malaria during pregnancy

Written by | 6 Feb 2024

In women living with HIV, preventive treatment with DHA-PPQ is a safe and effective strategy to prevent malaria during pregnancy, according to the final results of MAMAH, a clinical trial funded by the… read more.

Benzodiazepines appear to pose miscarriage risk

Written by | 3 Jan 2024

Researchers from a Taiwanese study report that an increase in the risk of miscarriage is associated with benzodiazepine use during pregnancy, after adjustments for cofounders. The findings appeared… read more.

Cannabis raises risk of adverse outcomes in pregnancy

Written by | 13 Dec 2023

A study of data from over 9.000 pregnancies in the U.S. indicates that cannabis exposure during pregnancy is associated with a composite of unhealthy pregnancy outcomes, especially low… read more.

Having a C-section is related to difficulties with conceiving

Written by | 10 Dec 2023

Previous studies shown that women who have had a C-section tend to have more problems conceiving a baby than ones who have had normal, vaginal birth. “Many of these… read more.

Pregnant women are missing vital nutrients needed for them and their babies – and situation could worsen with plant-based foods

Written by | 8 Dec 2023

Pregnant women are not getting the essential nutrients they and their babies need from modern diets say scientists, who have warned that the situation will likely worsen as… read more.

Contraception: hormonal and copper coil only show minor differences

Written by | 2 Dec 2023

In the “ThemenCheck Medizin” procedure offered by the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG), interested members of the public can submit proposals for the… read more.

Exposure to air pollution during pregnancy damages babies

Written by | 24 Oct 2023

The cells of babies exposed to air pollution while in the womb show damage which may put them at risk of ill-health later in life, according to research… read more.

Healthcare access is not preventing deaths among pregnant and postpartum people

Written by | 15 Oct 2023

The majority of research and public discourse on US maternal mortality focuses on pregnancy-related maternal deaths—deaths caused or accelerated by a pregnancy—rather than the broader category of pregnancy-associated maternal deaths, which… read more.

Doctor and pharmacist revamp standard processes for ordering and documenting mifepristone use

Written by | 25 Sep 2023

Clinical researchers at the University of Minnesota Medical School partnered with the university health system’s compliance department to create standard processes for ordering and documenting mifepristone administration, which… read more.

Could early induction of labor reduce inequities in pregnancy outcomes?

Written by | 24 Jul 2023

Inducing labor at 39 weeks of pregnancy has the greatest benefit in risk reduction for women from more socioeconomically deprived areas, according to a new study published July… read more.

People who develop diabetes after pregnancy are less likely to regain control of blood sugar if they had gestational diabetes

Written by | 26 Jun 2023

People who develop diabetes following pregnancy were significantly less likely to be able to bring it under control if they had experienced gestational diabetes during their pregnancy, especially… read more.

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