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Could an already approved drug cut down on opioid use after surgery?

Written by | 7 Feb 2024

Researchers in the Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) have found that an FDA-approved drug may help to decrease pain after surgery…. read more.

Finding the balance: Opioids and pain control after surgery

Written by | 1 Nov 2023

In a recent Mayo Clinic study, researchers found that most patients prescribed fewer opioids after surgery were able to maintain satisfactory comfort levels without requiring more prescription refills later…. read more.

Higher buprenorphine doses associated with improved retention in treatment for opioid use disorder

Written by | 24 Sep 2023

Individuals with opioid use disorder who were prescribed a lower buprenorphine dose were 20% more likely to discontinue treatment than those on a higher dose, according to a… read more.

How should clinicians prescribe opioids for cancer-related pain in patients who use cocaine or methamphetamines?

Written by | 13 Sep 2023

Clinicians treating cancer-related pain must consider whether and how to prescribe opioids to patients who use nonmedical stimulants such as cocaine and methamphetamines; however, no guidelines exist related… read more.

Opioids ineffective in medium and long term for lower back pain and neck pain

Written by | 19 Jul 2023

In the first randomized trial to study the efficacy of opioid pain relievers for the treatment of acute lower back and neck pain for up to one year,… read more.

Opioids no more effective than placebo for acute back and neck pain

Written by | 5 Jul 2023

Opioid pain-relieving medicines are not more effective than a placebo in relieving acute back and neck pain and may even cause harm, according to a world-first trial led… read more.

New study sheds light on why opioids can cause gastrointestinal problems

Written by | 10 Jul 2022

Opioids are the gold standard for treatment of chronic and acute pain; however, their use may result in significant gastrointestinal side effects, including nausea, vomiting, and constipation. The… read more.

Spinal anesthesia linked to higher painkiller use in hip fracture patients

Written by | 16 Jun 2022

For some surgeries, spinal anesthesia has been increasingly used instead of general anesthesia as a method to provide more comfort to patients and cut down on painkiller use…. read more.

Multimodal analgesia – the standard of care

Written by | 23 Feb 2022

Multimodal analgesia is now the standard of care for post-operative pain relief and it can readily be explained to patients, says Dr Alexander Tzabazis, Deputy Director of Anaesthesiology… read more.

IV non-opioid analgesics and ERAS – the evidence

Written by | 22 Feb 2022

There is now extensive evidence to support the multimodal approach to peri-operative pain relief and the role of intravenous paracetamol and ibuprofen, according to Dr Alexander Tzabazis, Deputy… read more.

Enhanced recovery after surgery and the maximodal approach

Written by | 21 Feb 2022

Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) offers many advantages including early functional recovery and reduced exposure to opioids.  IMI spoke to Dr Alexander Tzabazis, Deputy Director of Anaesthesiology and… read more.

CBT intervention with yoga and education components improved pain management for patients on long-term opioids better than usual care

Written by | 6 Nov 2021

Cognitive behavioral therapy intervention with yoga and education components improved pain management for patients on long-term opioids better than usual care. A pragmatic randomized controlled trial comparing pain-related… read more.

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