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Organic compound found in trees could prevent contact lens eye infections

Written by | 11 Feb 2024

A new study suggests a naturally-occurring material is an effective disinfectant for contact lenses, worn by millions of people worldwide. Microbial keratitis is one of the most serious… read more.

Study reveals untapped potential to increase eye donations needed for sight-restoring surgeries

Written by | 4 Nov 2023

A new study has found there is significant scope to increase the number of eye donations from patients cared for in hospice and palliative care settings – donations… read more.

LianBio announces topline results from phase III LIBRA trial of TP 03 in Chinese patients with Demodex blepharitis

Written by | 3 Nov 2023

LianBio a biotechnology company dedicated to bringing innovative medicines to patients in China and other major Asian markets, announced topline results from the Phase III LIBRA clinical trial… read more.

New strategy for eye condition could replace injections with eyedrops

Written by | 6 Oct 2023

A new compound developed at the University of Illinois Chicago potentially could offer an alternative to injections for the millions of people who suffer from an eye condition… read more.

Novartis completes divestment of ‘front of eye’ ophthalmology assets

Written by | 3 Oct 2023

Novartis announced that it has completed its divestment of ‘front of eye’ ophthalmology assets to Bausch + Lomb, a global eye health company, in a transaction valued up… read more.

Preterm babies given certain fatty acids have better vision

Written by | 5 Sep 2023

New research from the University of Gothenburg has found that preterm babies given a supplement with a combination of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids have better visual function… read more.

Few children – especially those with safety-net insurance – get vision checked at checkups

Written by | 27 Aug 2023

Less than a third of children have gotten their vision checked in the past year at their regular primary care clinic, a new study finds. Rates of eyesight… read more.

Study shows dementia more common in older adults with vision issues

Written by | 4 Aug 2023

Losing the ability to see clearly, and losing the ability to think or remember clearly, are two of the most dreaded, and preventable, health issues associated with getting… read more.

Could drops replace eye injections for retina disease?

Written by | 23 Jul 2023

A new study suggests that eye drops developed by Columbia University researchers could be a more effective–and comfortable–therapy for a common eye disease currently treated with injections into the eye…. read more.

An oral probiotic can treat dry eye disease

Written by | 18 Jul 2023

In a study by a research group at Baylor College of Medicine, oral administration of a commercially available probiotic bacterial strain was found to improve dry eye disease… read more.

Novartis divests “front of eye” ophthalmology assets to Bausch + Lomb

Written by | 11 Jul 2023

Novartis announced that it has signed an agreement to divest ‘front of eye’ ophthalmology assets to Bausch + Lomb, a global eye health company, in a transaction valued… read more.

Intraocular corticosteroids best for treating complications of chronic inflammatory eye condition

Written by | 16 Jun 2023

Repeat treatment with corticosteroid injections improved vision in people with persistent or recurrent uveitis-related macular edema better than two other therapies, according to results from a clinical trial… read more.

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