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Many older adults receiving home care do not receive palliative care before death

Written by | 27 Feb 2024

Many older adults receiving home care do not receive any palliative home care before death, suggesting we need better methods to identify people who need this support, according… read more.

Medicare doesn’t cover obesity drugs, but 76% of older adults think it should

Written by | 18 Dec 2023

The vast majority of older adults – 83% — think health insurers should cover medications that can help people with obesity manage their weight, a new poll of people… read more.

1 in 8 older adults use cannabis products, suggesting need to screen for risks

Written by | 5 Dec 2023

More older Americans use cannabis now than before the pandemic, with 12% saying they’ve consumed a THC-containing substance in the past year and 4% saying they do so… read more.

Older adults with digestive diseases experience higher rates of loneliness, depression

Written by | 18 Sep 2023

While life expectancy rates for older Americans are rising, nearly 40% of adults report living with a digestive disease of some kind. “Many people don’t realize that these… read more.

Study shows dementia more common in older adults with vision issues

Written by | 4 Aug 2023

Losing the ability to see clearly, and losing the ability to think or remember clearly, are two of the most dreaded, and preventable, health issues associated with getting… read more.

Majority of older adults with cognitive impairment still drive

Written by | 25 Jul 2023

The majority of older adults with cognitive impairment are still driving, despite concerns raised by caregivers and others, a Michigan Medicine study in a South Texas community finds…. read more.

Adding antipsychotic med to antidepressant may help older adults with treatment-resistant depression

Written by | 9 Mar 2023

Aripiprazole originally was approved by the FDA in 2002 as a treatment for schizophrenia but also has been used in lower doses as an add-on treatment for clinical… read more.

Skilled nursing facilities continued to provide high quality care for those hospitalized during the pandemic

Written by | 8 Mar 2023

Older adults who entered skilled nursing facilities (SNF) for care after hospitalizations after the pandemic received rehabilitation care comparable to the levels of care that were provided pre-pandemic,… read more.

Food insecurity may increase cognitive decline in older adults

Written by | 23 Feb 2023

Older adults living with food insecurity are more likely to experience malnutrition, depression and physical limitations that affect how they live. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is… read more.

Cost concerns keep older adults from seeking care

Written by | 20 Dec 2022

Worries about what emergency care might cost them have kept some older adults from seeking medical attention even when they felt they might need it, a new study… read more.

Medical tests in the comfort of your own home: Poll shows high interest, uneven use by older adults

Written by | 18 Oct 2022

Kitchen counters and bathroom sinks across America turned into miniature medical testing labs over the past year, as millions of people swabbed their noses and found out in… read more.

Risk factor for developing Alzheimer’s disease increases by 50-80% in older adults who caught COVID-19

Written by | 24 Sep 2022

Older people who were infected with COVID-19 show a substantially higher risk—as much as 50% to 80% higher than a control group—of developing Alzheimer’s disease within a year,… read more.

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