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Semaglutide significantly reduces risk of major kidney disease events, cardiovascular outcomes and mortality in patients with type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease

Written by | 28 May 2024

Semaglutide significantly reduces risk of major kidney disease events, cardiovascular outcomes and mortality in patients with type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease, groundbreaking study reveals A pioneering… read more.

New drug could prevent diabetic eye and kidney disease in people with diabetes

Written by | 16 Feb 2024

New research has shown a new type of inhibitor drug could prevent microvascular diabetic complications, such as diabetic eye and kidney disease.  The University of Bristol-led research is… read more.

High weekly physical activity levels linked to lower kidney disease risk in diabetes + overweight/obesity

Written by | 9 Feb 2024

Clocking up high weekly levels of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity is linked to a lower risk of developing chronic kidney disease in overweight/obese people with type… read more.

Simple automated tool prompts physicians to screen patients with diabetes for kidney disease

Written by | 6 Nov 2023

Investigators have implemented an automated health maintenance tool created by the National Kidney Foundation into electronic medical records to prompt primary care physicians to screen for chronic kidney… read more.

FDA grants De Novo Marketing Authorization for KidneyIntelX.dkd to assess risk of progressive kidney function decline in adults with diabetes and early-stage kidney disease – Renalytix plc

Written by | 23 Jul 2023

Renalytix plc announces that the FDA has granted De Novo marketing authorization for its KidneyIntelX.dkd prognostic test. This affirms KidneyIntelX as a first-in-class, artificial intelligence enabled prognostic testing… read more.

Patient-led intervention first to successfully address multiple difficult symptoms in dialysis patients

Written by | 17 Jul 2023

When a patient with chronic kidney disease finally reaches the point that their kidneys fail, doctors have a treatment available: dialysis. But undergoing dialysis often brings a high burden of other… read more.

CHMP positive for Jesduvroq to treat symptomatic anemia in adults with chronic kidney disease who are on dialysis – GSK

Written by | 7 Jul 2023

Jesduvroq (daprodustat) from GSK received a positive opinion from the CHMP for the treatment of adult patients for for the treatment of symptomatic anaemia in adults with chronic… read more.

Study finds certain substances in urine, blood can predict kidney disease progression

Written by | 7 Apr 2023

In a new study looking at the long-term effects of hospitalized patients who have acute kidney injury (AKI), a sudden but temporary loss of kidney function, Johns Hopkins… read more.

Study illuminates sugar’s role in common kidney disease

Written by | 8 Jan 2023

A study of kidney organoids in a novel lab environment might have downstream implications for the treatment of polycystic kidney disease (PKD), an incurable condition that affects more than… read more.

Drug discovery offers potential treatment for common kidney disease

Written by | 17 Dec 2022

A serious condition that can cause the kidneys to suddenly stop working could be treated with existing medicines, a new study shows. In a study in mice scientists… read more.

Early diagnosis tool for childhood kidney disease

Written by | 13 Nov 2022

Early diagnosis of chronic kidney disease (CKD) is key to managing progression of the disease. A new technique analyzing urine extracellular vesicles (uEVs) — cell-derived nanoscale spherical structures… read more.

Widely-used kidney function tests underestimate scale of kidney disease

Written by | 15 Jul 2022

The findings suggest that methods developed in high-income settings to check kidney function are not accurate for many people in Africa. Researchers from the African Research on Kidney… read more.

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