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Opting to freeze eggs can help women have babies when they are older, but many do not use their frozen eggs

Written by | 1 Jul 2023

More than 40% of women who chose to freeze their eggs in their 30s were able to have babies later in life when they returned to the fertility… read more.

Cheap and safe hormone treatment shows promise for couples with unexplained infertility

Written by | 1 Jul 2023

A small study with couples experiencing unexplained infertility suggests that a hormone treatment could increase the chances of having a baby. The trial, presented today (Monday) at the… read more.

New diagnostic finds intact sperm in infertile men

Written by | 17 Jun 2023

In a recent study, researchers created a diagnostic test to identify functional sperm in infertile men that could change the treatment of male infertility and assisted reproductive technology. “Male… read more.

Uterine transplantation is efficacious and safe, study suggests

Written by | 17 Jun 2022

Transplanting a uterus is an effective, safe method to remedy infertility when a functioning uterus is lacking. This is the conclusion from the world’s first complete study of… read more.

Dual-mode endoscope offers unprecedented insights into uterine health

Written by | 7 Apr 2022

Researchers have developed a new endoscope that combines ultrasound with optical coherence tomography (OCT) to assess structural features of the lining of the uterus, called the endometrium, in… read more.

Device directs sperm to ‘go against the flow’ to help infertility

Written by | 4 Apr 2022

The female genital tract can be a hostile environment for conception. Out of about 100 million sperm, only a few hundred make it to the fallopian tubes. Guided… read more.

Obesity may increase risk of some female reproductive disorders

Written by | 6 Feb 2022

Obesity is associated with an increased risk of developing female reproductive disorders, however, the roles and mechanisms of obesity in the cause(s) of reproductive conditions are unclear. A… read more.

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