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Herpes infections take major economic toll globally, new research shows

Written by | 11 Jul 2024

Genital herpes infections and their related complications lead to billions of dollars in health care expenditures and productivity losses globally, according to the first ever global estimates of the… read more.

Simple test for flu could improve diagnosis and surveillance

Written by | 25 Jun 2024

Fewer than one percent of people who get the flu every year get tested, in part because most tests require trained personnel and expensive equipment. Now researchers have… read more.

Syphilis cases are rising, but many people don’t know symptoms

Written by | 17 Jun 2024

Syphilis cases are on the rise around the globe, but many Americans don’t know the symptoms. In January, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that syphilis cases… read more.

Electronic medical record tool helps clinicians diagnose mpox

Written by | 10 Apr 2024

Diagnosing infectious conditions can be challenging. Diagnosis is especially challenging for uncommon and emerging infectious diseases for which there’s limited clinical experience. Nevertheless, successfully identifying patients with infectious… read more.

The surprising power of a century-old vaccine for tuberculosis

Written by | 9 Apr 2024

Scientists in Canada believe they may be closer to understanding a positive additional benefit associated with Bacillus Calmette Guérin (BCG), a century-old vaccine for tuberculosis. It turns out… read more.

EU recommendations for seasonal flu vaccine composition

Written by | 7 Apr 2024

The winter flu season may be over in the northern hemisphere, but EU regulators are already looking ahead to the next outbreak in autumn 2024. Influenza viruses continuously… read more.

Zika vaccine safe, effective when administered during pregnancy

Written by | 13 Mar 2024

A vaccine against Zika virus is safe and effective when administered both before and during pregnancy, according to new research published in npj Vaccines. The purified, inactivated Zika vaccine… read more.

STI cases on the rise across Europe

Written by | 12 Mar 2024

The findings reveal a troubling surge in cases of syphilis, gonorrhoea, and chlamydia, indicating a pressing need for heightened awareness of STI transmission, and the need to enhance… read more.

Faster and simpler point-of-care malaria test developed by Rice researchers

Written by | 2 Mar 2024

Rice University researchers have developed a rapid, accurate test for diagnosing malaria that is significantly faster and easier to use than traditional tests. The advancement has the potential… read more.

HIV diagnoses rise for the first time in a decade

Written by | 1 Dec 2023

Across the 30 countries of the European Union and European Economic Area (EU/EEA), 22,995 new HIV diagnoses were reported in 2022. Almost every second new HIV diagnosis (49%,… read more.

Study finds users prefer daily oral PrEP pill despite new options

Written by | 1 Oct 2023

When PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), a drug that prevents HIV infection, was first approved by the FDA in 2012, it was a medical breakthrough that promised to drastically reduce… read more.

Contagious omicron strain replicates early in infection

Written by | 26 Sep 2023

New research used engineered mice to compare SARS-COV-2 omicron subvariants and found one of them – BA.5 – was more virulent likely due to its ability to rapidly… read more.

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