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How an Indian government policy backfired: the unintended consequences of price regulation of prescription drugs

Written by | 5 Jun 2024

Researchers from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, University of Chicago, and Management Development Institute, Gurgaon published a new Journal of Marketing study that examines the unintended consequences of an Indian government healthcare… read more.

Private health plans paid hospitals 254% of what Medicare would pay during 2022

Written by | 19 May 2024

Prices paid to hospitals during 2022 by employers and private insurers for both inpatient and outpatient services averaged 254% of what Medicare would have paid, with wide variation… read more.

Medicare doesn’t cover obesity drugs, but 76% of older adults think it should

Written by | 18 Dec 2023

The vast majority of older adults – 83% — think health insurers should cover medications that can help people with obesity manage their weight, a new poll of people… read more.

Medicare is overpaying for generic drugs

Written by | 8 Dec 2023

Medicare is the single largest provider of health insurance in the United States, serving 63.8 million senior citizens as of 2022. Three-quarters of these recipients are enrolled in… read more.

Few children – especially those with safety-net insurance – get vision checked at checkups

Written by | 27 Aug 2023

Less than a third of children have gotten their vision checked in the past year at their regular primary care clinic, a new study finds. Rates of eyesight… read more.

Cost concerns keep older adults from seeking care

Written by | 20 Dec 2022

Worries about what emergency care might cost them have kept some older adults from seeking medical attention even when they felt they might need it, a new study… read more.

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