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Intermittent fasting shows promise in improving gut health, weight management

Written by | 6 Jun 2024

A new study by researchers from Arizona State University and their colleagues highlights a dietary strategy for significant health improvement and weight management. Participants following an intermittent fasting… read more.

Maintaining healthy lifestyle might prevent up to 60% of inflammatory bowel disease cases

Written by | 11 Dec 2022

Adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle might prevent up to 60% of inflammatory bowel disease cases—Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis—finds a large international study, published online in the… read more.

Snacking on almonds boosts gut health

Written by | 28 Oct 2022

Eating a handful of almonds a day significantly increases the production of butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid that promotes gut health. A team of researchers from King’s College… read more.

A new low-calorie sweetener could also improve gut health, study shows

Written by | 6 Aug 2022

From the wide variety of sodas, candies and baked goods that are sold worldwide, it’s clear that people love their sweet treats. But consuming too much white table… read more.

Green tea extract promotes gut health, lowers blood sugar

Written by | 28 Jul 2022

New research in people with a cluster of heart disease risk factors has shown that consuming green tea extract for four weeks can reduce blood sugar levels and… read more.

Gut microbes may antagonize or assist in anorexia

Written by | 23 Jan 2021

You are likely familiar with the serious consequences of anorexia for those who experience it, but you might not be aware that the disorder may not be purely… read more.

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