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New study shows genes can predict response to arthritis treatment and paves the way for future drug development

Written by | 31 May 2022

New research from Queen Mary University of London, published in Nature Medicine, has shown that molecular profiling of the diseased joint tissue can significantly impact whether specific drug treatments will… read more.

Our genes shape our gut bacteria, new research shows

Written by | 17 Aug 2021

Our gut microbiome — the ever-changing “rainforest” of bacteria living in our intestines — is primarily affected by our lifestyle, including what we eat or the medications we… read more.

Translational oncology symposium

Written by | 18 Jul 2019

The use of tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) in the treatment of ALK-positive NSCLC is now well-established. Professor Ross Camidge (University of Colorado Cancer Centre, Denver, USA) described the lessons that… read more.

Mesothelioma trials update

Written by | 10 Jul 2019

Dr Popat gives an update of the ongoing studies in mesothelioma in the UK

Translational science in IBD

Written by | 9 Apr 2019

Dr Bram Verstockt (Leuven, Belgium) discusses a biopsy study looking at increases NCR+ ILC3 levels in IBD patients on biologic therapy.

IBD around the world

Written by | 9 Apr 2019

IBD is still mainly a phenomenon of the Western world, but the incidence is increasing steeply in newly industrialised countries where the population is undergoing rapid urbanisation…

DDW 2018: Predicting who will get IBD

Written by | 2 Oct 2018

To have a chance of preventing IBD clinicians need to be able to predict who is at risk, based on sensitive and selective risk factors. In a translational… read more.

EHA 2018: Molecular profiling in multiple myeloma 

Written by | 3 Aug 2018

In addition to clinical segmentation of MM patients as young or elderly and fit or frail, genetic factors convey important prognostic information and should be taken into account… read more.

ECCO 2018: Evolving concepts of IBD pathogenesis

Written by | 1 Mar 2018

Perianal fistula is a debilitating complication in CD which affects up to 50% of patients in the course of their disease…

BSH 2017 Debate: Identification and novel management strategies are essential for double hit lymphoma

Written by | 14 Apr 2017

Double-hit lymphoma has a poor prognosis and the best option for patients could be positive identification and treatment with novel agents, but there are arguments for and against… read more.

BSH 2017: Are we ready to use minimum residual disease to direct therapy?

Written by | 4 Apr 2017

Studies show that MM patients who achieve minimal residual disease on treatment have longer PFS and OS than those who do not…

No relationship between so-called “obesity gene” and ability to lose weight

Written by | 10 Oct 2016

By Bruce Sylvester There is no relationship between the so-called ‘obesity gene’ (FTO genotype/rs9939609) and the ability to lose weight, researchers reported on Sept. 21, 2016 in the BMJ/British… read more.

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