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Applying the results of the ivermectin meta-analysis

Written by | 12 Aug 2021

The results of the ivermectin meta-analysis could have important implications for health policy. Dr Edmund Fordham, one of the co-authors of the review, describes how the findings could… read more.

Critical questions on the ivermectin meta-analysis

Written by | 12 Aug 2021

The methodological approach to the ivermectin meta-analysis provides further reassurance of the robustness of the findings. Mr Andrew Bryant and Dr Edmund Fordham describe some of the critical… read more.

Putting the findings of the ivermectin meta-analysis into perspective

Written by | 12 Aug 2021

The Bryant-Lawrie meta-analysis included only randomised controlled trials (RCTs) but evidence from observational trials and real world experience sheds further light on the effectiveness of ivermectin, according to… read more.

Key findings from the ivermectin meta-analysis

Written by | 12 Aug 2021

June 2021 saw the publication of the systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials of ivermectin for treatment and prophylaxis of covid-19 undertaken by Dr Tess Lawrie’s… read more.

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