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A promising approach to develop a birth control pill for men

Written by | 25 May 2024

The world’s population has increased by more than 2.6-fold in the last 60 years. The growing trend continues – projections indicate that the number of people living on… read more.

Emergency contraception related ER visits dropped significantly over 14 year period

Written by | 9 Apr 2024

Following federal approval for over the counter emergency contraception in 2006, emergency departments across the U.S. saw dramatic decreases in related visits and medical charges, a new study… read more.

Contraception: hormonal and copper coil only show minor differences

Written by | 2 Dec 2023

In the “ThemenCheck Medizin” procedure offered by the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG), interested members of the public can submit proposals for the… read more.

Combination therapy increases efficacy of emergency contraception

Written by | 17 Aug 2023

Emergency contraception treatment with levonorgestrel plus piroxicam is significantly more effective than levonorgestrel monotherapy, researchers reported on August 16, 2023 in the Lancet. “Overall, this study suggests that… read more.

Pharmacists can now prescribe hormonal birth control in 20 states

Written by | 18 Jun 2023

Pharmacists are taking a more active role in prescribing hormonal contraceptives — a trend applauded by women who welcome easier access to birth control and sanctioned by a… read more.

Women are not being routinely informed that a common anaesthetic may make their contraception less effective, UK doctors warn

Written by | 5 Jun 2022

Women undergoing operations are not being routinely informed that a common anaesthetic may make their contraception less effective, putting them at risk of an unplanned pregnancy, new research… read more.

Permanent birth control methods for women have up to six percent failure rates

Written by | 14 Apr 2022

Hysteroscopic sterilization, a nonincisional procedure, was found to be as effective as minimally invasive laparoscopic sterilization in preventing pregnancy, but both methods had higher than expected failure rates,… read more.

Trapping sperm in semen’s natural gel could lead to new contraceptive

Written by | 10 Feb 2022

A discovery that blocks the normal transition of semen from a thick gel to a liquid shows promise for development of a new form of non-hormonal, over-the-counter contraception…. read more.

European Commission approves Estelle oral contraceptive – Mithra

Written by | 28 May 2021

Mithra, a company dedicated to Women’s Health, is very pleased to announce that the European Commission has accepted the registration application for the novel combined oral contraceptive Estelle…. read more.

Merck Inc. at Organon investor day outlines the vision and plans for the new company

Written by | 14 May 2021

Merck Inc., hosted on 3 May an Organon management investor day meeting, to detail across women’s health, biosimilars and established brands.The new company will be launched on 3… read more.

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