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Study examines prescribing patterns of drug associated with cognitive impairment

Written by | 2 Jun 2024

Many adults with diabetes and the associated complication of peripheral neuropathy, which can be painful as well as harmful, are often prescribed drugs at doses and for durations… read more.

Longest study to date assesses cognitive impairment over time in adults with essential tremor

Written by | 1 May 2024

Essential tremor, a nervous system disorder that causes rhythmic shaking, is one of the most common movement disorders. A new study published in the Annals of Neurology reveals details on… read more.

Improving dementia care in nursing homes: Learning from the pandemic years

Written by | 23 Apr 2024

No one associated with nursing homes – as residents or their families, friends, staff or administrators – is unaware of the massive impact of the pandemic on these… read more.

Majority of older adults with cognitive impairment still drive

Written by | 25 Jul 2023

The majority of older adults with cognitive impairment are still driving, despite concerns raised by caregivers and others, a Michigan Medicine study in a South Texas community finds…. read more.

Almost half of people with concussion still show symptoms of brain injury six months later

Written by | 27 Apr 2023

Even mild concussion can cause long-lasting effects to the brain, according to researchers at the University of Cambridge. Using data from a Europe-wide study, the team has shown… read more.

One in 10 older Americans has dementia

Written by | 7 Nov 2022

In the first nationally representative study of cognitive impairment prevalence in more than 20 years, Columbia University researchers have found almost 10% of U.S. adults ages 65 and… read more.

Type 2 diabetes with cognitive impairment linked to adverse cardiovascular outcomes

Written by | 7 May 2022

Type 2 diabetes patients with cognitive impairment appear to be at increased risks of stroke, heart attack or death compared with non-diabetic patients. Researchers reported their findings on… read more.

Smartphone reminders can improve memory for older adults with dementia

Written by | 13 Feb 2022

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Older adults with dementia or mild cognitive impairment sometimes struggle to remember daily tasks, including managing medications, shopping for groceries and tracking upcoming events, including… read more.

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