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NIH launches $30 million pilot to test feasibility of a national primary care research network

Written by | 10 Jun 2024

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is investing approximately $30 million in total over fiscal years 2024 and 2025 to pilot a national primary care research network that… read more.

Clinical trial shows that cytisinicline can help people quit vaping

Written by | 7 May 2024

Eleven million U.S. adults use e-cigarettes to vape nicotine, and about half of them say that they want to stop, but many have trouble doing so because nicotine… read more.

Women need better treatments for bacterial vaginosis

Written by | 4 May 2024

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) affects about one-quarter of reproductive-age women and is linked to adverse health outcomes, such as increased HIV risk. Yet for decades, BV treatment in the… read more.

One in five people with cancer participate in medical research studies

Written by | 5 Apr 2024

Researchers from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and peer institutions released new findings in the Journal of Clinical Oncology showing that when all types of cancer research studies are… read more.

Multisite clinical trial will compare three FDA-approved drugs for Rett syndrome treatment

Written by | 5 Feb 2024

Vanderbilt University Medical Center received a $13 million Department of Defense grant to lead a multisite clinical trial that will evaluate repurposed FDA-approved drugs as treatment options for… read more.

Clinical trial demonstrates benefits of solriamfetol for adults with ADHD

Written by | 12 Oct 2023

Although several medications are approved to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), some individuals experience limited benefits from the drugs or develop side effects from their use. A recent clinical… read more.

Obesity experts spotlight safety gap in clinical trials and drug labeling for people with obesity

Written by | 12 Sep 2023

A new opinion piece published in Health Affairs Forefront raises questions around current approaches to assess drug safety and effectiveness in people with obesity. The article sheds light on how… read more.

Clinical trial shows wrist device significantly reduces tics in Tourette syndrome

Written by | 14 Mar 2023

The results of the clinical trial of a new wrist device designed to help control the symptoms of Tourette syndrome have shown it significantly reduces the severity and… read more.

Simplified HIV treatment options just as effective: Major clinical trial

Written by | 24 Feb 2023

Two newer simplified treatment options are at least as effective as current approaches, according to the results of a world-first international clinical trial into second-line HIV therapy led… read more.

Clinical Trials Information System mandatory for new applications

Written by | 5 Feb 2023

Sponsors of new clinical trials in the European Union (EU) must now use the Clinical Trials Information System (CTIS) to submit applications. The system is the single entry… read more.

Individualized eating program helps dieters lose weight, keep it off

Written by | 18 Jul 2022

An individualized diet program that empowers users to create their own plan based on targeted levels of protein and fiber shows promise at helping people lose extra pounds… read more.

Clinical trial reveals new treatment option for COVID-19

Written by | 16 Mar 2022

A clinical trial conducted by researchers from RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences and Beaumont Hospital Dublin has indicated an effective treatment for critically ill COVID-19 patients…. read more.

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