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Women with heart disease are less likely to receive life-saving drugs than men

Written by | 29 Apr 2024

Women with heart disease are less often treated with cholesterol-lowering drugs than men, according to research presented today at ESC Preventive Cardiology 2024, a scientific congress of the European… read more.

ACC 2024: Adding investigative lerodalcibep to cholesterol lowering treatment shows significant efficacy

Written by | 18 Apr 2024

By adding investigational lerodalcibep to their standard cholesterol-lowering treatment for a year, patients at high risk for a heart attack or stroke achieved a reduction of “bad” cholesterol… read more.

Study shows web app effective in determining access to statins without a prescription

Written by | 14 Apr 2024

Using a web application to qualify individuals for treatment with a non-prescription statin closely matched the results of clinician assessments in determining a person’s eligibility for taking statins… read more.

Swapping meat for Quorn lowers bad cholesterol by 10-percent

Written by | 7 Mar 2024

Regularly substituting meat for mycoprotein such as Quorn could help to lower bad cholesterol by 10-percent, which is comparable to switching to a Mediterranean or vegan diet. New… read more.

Both virtual and in-person nutrition visits help to lower cholesterol, study finds

Written by | 13 Dec 2023

Despite an end to the national public health emergency in May 2023, the use of telehealth remains high, with over 20% of American adults taking appointments online. These visits include… read more.

Appropriate statin prescriptions increase sixfold with automated referrals

Written by | 22 Nov 2023

The odds of prescribing the appropriate dose of statins—a medicine used to lower “bad” cholesterol levels—increased sixfold when automated referrals were made to pharmacy services, instead of relying… read more.

Investigative recaticimab cuts bad cholesterol dramatically

Written by | 18 Nov 2023

Patients treated with the investigative PCSK9 inhibitor recaticimab have achieved highly significant reducions in  bad cholesterol, and they have done so with less frequent injections than patients treated… read more.

After showing early potential, cholesterol medication fenofibrate fails to cut severe symptoms or death in COVID-19 patients

Written by | 8 Nov 2022

After showing promise in early laboratory research, the cholesterol-lowering drug fenofibrate had no significant effect on COVID-19 outcomes in a multicenter international randomized clinical trial led by Penn Medicine scientists…. read more.

Statin intolerance is ‘over-estimated and over-diagnosed’

Written by | 21 Feb 2022

As many as one in two patients stop taking statins, reduce the dose or take them irregularly because they believe the cholesterol-lowering drugs cause muscle pain and other… read more.

Prescription’ to sit less, move more advised for mildly high blood pressure and cholesterol

Written by | 24 Jun 2021

A “prescription” to sit less and move more is the optimal first treatment choice for reducing mild to moderately elevated blood pressure and blood cholesterol in otherwise healthy… read more.

Changes in how cholesterol breaks down in the body may accelerate progression of dementia

Written by | 2 Jun 2021

Study suggests that some cholesterol medications may impact signaling pathways in the brain, particularly in men The blood-brain barrier is impermeable to cholesterol, yet high blood cholesterol is… read more.

Both high and low levels of LDL cholesterol up the risk of death

Written by | 26 Dec 2020

Both high and low levels of lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) appear to be associated with an elevated risk of all-cause death, researchers from a Danish general population study reported… read more.

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