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Racial disparities in kidney transplantation access are highest among young adults

Written by | 3 Mar 2022 | Surgery

In a retrospective study of adults initiating kidney failure treatment during 2011-2018, disparities in kidney transplantation by race were highest among patients age 22-44 years of age. Within this age group, kidney failure was treated by kidney transplantation among 10.9% of White patients but only 1.8% of Black and 4.4% of Hispanic patients.

Research has shown wide racial/ethnic disparities in use of kidney transplantation and home dialysis, yet how age interacts with these disparities is unknown. In a study published in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases (AJKD), researcherd compared use of kidney replacement therapies between racial/ethnic groups among patients with incident kidney failure, within age strata, using registry data for 830,402 US adults (>21 years) during 2011- 2018. Absolute disparities in transplantation and home dialysis (outcomes measured at 90 days after treatment initiation) were most pronounced among patients aged 22-44. After adjusting for numerous patient-level factors, the largest disparities were observed for transplantation among adults age 22-44. These findings suggest that needs of younger adults should be emphasized in designing interventions to reduce disparities in access to preferred kidney replacement therapies.

American Journal of Kidney Diseases


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