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One scan can rule out pregnancy-related DVT

Written by | 14 Jun 2012 | All Medical News

Taken from the British Medical Journal (BMJ) – by Bruce Sylvester – One ultrasound scan can safely rule out a diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in women either during pregnancy or during the first few weeks of the post-partum period, researchers reported in the BMJ online on April 25.

As background, the researchers noted that pregnancy increases the risk of DVT, but tests that are safe and reliable in other patients are not always appropriate for pregnant women.

Professor Grégoire Le Gal from the University of Brest in France and his team, evaluated the safety of a single complete compression ultrasonography in pregnant and post-partum women with suspected DVT.

They enrolled 210 pregnant and post-partum women who had been referred from medical practices in France and Switzerland for suspected DVT.

The investigators performed a single compression ultrasound scan,  and they administered anti-clotting therapy to those with DVT. All subjects were followed for three months.

The investigators diagnosed deep vein thrombosis in 22 (10.5%) of the 210 women. Among the 177 subjects without deep vein thrombosis who did not receive anti-clotting treatment, two (1.1%) showed a confirmed DVT during follow-up.

While study limitations prevent the authors from drawing conclusions, the authors said that the  findings suggest that a single complete compression ultrasonography, “might be safe for ruling out deep vein thrombosis in pregnant and post-partum women.”  They said that further studies are needed to confirm the findings.

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