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Men with metastatic prostate cancer living longer thanks to new meds

Written by | 23 Oct 2023

Survival rates for men with metastatic prostate cancer have increased by an average of six months, something which coincides with the gradual introduction of ‘dual treatment’ since 2016,… read more.

Pharmacist-led intervention can improve medication adherence among Latinos with type 2 diabetes

Written by | 2 Oct 2023

UCLA-led research suggests that diabetes control can significantly improve for Latinos when a pharmacist implements an intervention that addresses these patients’ barriers to medication adherence. In this pharmacist-led… read more.

Integrating mental health services into pediatric primary care at federally qualified health centers improves mental health care engagement for children

Written by | 29 Apr 2023

New research led by Boston Medical Center and Boston University School of Public Health found that integrating mental health services into pediatric primary care at federally qualified health… read more.

Placebo added to methadone increases opioid treatment adherence

Written by | 13 Apr 2023

Researchers report that patients who knowingly took a “sugar pill” placebo along with daily methadone treatment achieved significantly higher 90-day adherence to treatment for opioid abuse disorder than… read more.

Survey finds patients value immediate access to test results

Written by | 27 Mar 2023

A survey sent to more than 43,000 patients living in several states around the country finds that 96% of patients who use patient web portals prefer immediate online… read more.

Enhancing pharmacy services for patients does not impact health care utilization

Written by | 16 Jan 2023

New research from Boston Medical Center found that enhancing pharmacy services for patients with high levels of health care utilization did not lead to reduced hospital admissions and… read more.

Bariatric surgery results in durable improvement in urinary incontinence

Written by | 15 Dec 2022

Bariatric surgery appears to provide durable improvement in urinary incontinence, researchers reported on Dec. 9, 2022 in JAMA Network Open. “Specifically, over half of women and men with… read more.

Bariatric surgery lowers risk of cardiovascular disease

Written by | 24 Nov 2022

New research involving adults diagnosed with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and morbid obesity (body mass index > 40) indicates that subjects who had bariatric surgery achieved a… read more.

Study finds automated texts decrease odds of rehospitalization

Written by | 11 Nov 2022

An occasional, simple “How are you feeling?” text from a primary care team can make a big difference in patients’ health after they are discharged from the hospital,… read more.

Increased overdose and mental health risks persist two years after opioid dose reduction

Written by | 25 Jun 2022

Does dose reduction for patients on stable opioid therapy have long-term overdose and mental health risks? Researchers from the UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research examined… read more.

Deaths from alcohol use disorder surged during pandemic, study finds

Written by | 21 May 2022

Deaths involving alcohol use disorder increased dramatically during the pandemic, according to a new study by Cedars-Sinai investigators. The study also found that young adults 25 to 44… read more.

Third dose of COVID-19 vaccine does not appear to increase severe adverse events

Written by | 7 May 2022

Investigators report that even though there was some increase in cases of low-severity adverse events after third-dose vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 infection with mRNA vaccines, such third-dose vaccination did… read more.

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