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Reducing sugar in packaged foods can prevent disease in millions

Written by | 22 Sep 2021

Massachusetts General Hospital Cutting 20% of sugar from packaged foods and 40% from beverages could prevent 2.48 million cardiovascular disease events (such as strokes, heart attacks, cardiac arrests),… read more.

New pridopidine’s neuroprotective properties in Huntington’s Disease models

Written by | 28 May 2021

Newly published papers further elucidate the mechanisms underlying pridopidine’s neuroprotective properties through activation of the Sigma-1 Receptor (S1R). Pridopidine enhances mitochondrial function and reduces mHTT-induced ER stress, which… read more.

Personal values & worldviews shape perception of disease risk more than its severity

Written by | 29 Mar 2021

Study taken throughout the pandemic shows those who feel government should be less controlling believe COVID-19 poses less risk, which in turn was associated with the adoption of… read more.

Breakthrough trial for motor neuron disease

Written by | 22 Mar 2021

Researchers at Trinity College Dublin are to participate in an early phase gene-based clinical trial for motor neuron disease (MND). The research team represents one of only four… read more.

Covid-19 “super-spreading” events play outsized role in overall disease transmission

Written by | 11 Dec 2020

There have been many documented cases of Covid-19 “super-spreading” events, in which one person infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus infects many other people

Hydroxychloroquine is heart-safe for lupus patients, including those with kidney disease

Written by | 4 Dec 2020

Article written by Bruce Sylvester Hydroxychloroquine treatment for lupus has no significant impact on heart rhythm, researchers reported on Nov 2, 2020 at the American College of Rheumatology/ACR… read more.

Dapagliflozin shows efficacy in chronic kidney disease

Written by | 23 Nov 2020

Article written by Bruce Sylvester Patients with chronic kidney disease have achieved improved outcomes with dapagliflozin treatment, researchers reported on October 8, 2020 in the NEJM/New England Journal… read more.

Combination initial therapy for Kawasaki disease reduces blood vessel complications

Written by | 7 Sep 2020

Article written by Bruce Sylvester Adjuvant corticosteroid therapy, along with standard intravenous (IV) immunoglobulin treatment, of children with Kawasaki disease who are at an elevated risk of blood… read more.

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