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Men who trust their doctors, receive adequate time and general information about prostate cancer screening are more likely to have productive discussions

Written by | 25 Sep 2023

Members of the University of Ottawa Department of Family Medicine conducted a scoping review to understand men’s communication preferences when they discuss prostate cancer screening with their doctors…. read more.

Nearly half of tuberculosis cases in prisons worldwide go undetected

Written by | 9 Jul 2023

In the first global assessment of TB among incarcerated people, a new study found consistently high TB case rates and low case detection in prisons, suggesting the need… read more.

Number of autistic people in England may be twice as high as previously thought

Written by | 2 Jul 2023

The true number of autistic people in England may be more than double the number often cited in national health policy documents, suggests a new study by UCL… read more.

New diagnostic finds intact sperm in infertile men

Written by | 17 Jun 2023

In a recent study, researchers created a diagnostic test to identify functional sperm in infertile men that could change the treatment of male infertility and assisted reproductive technology. “Male… read more.

New diagnostic option for rare eye disease

Written by | 30 Aug 2022

An estimated five to ten percent of blindness worldwide is caused by the rare inflammatory eye disease uveitis. Posterior uveitis in particular is often associated with severe disease… read more.

Routine depression screening may capture underdiagnosed patient populations

Written by | 24 Aug 2022

Screening for depression at the primary care level could dramatically increase the likelihood of treatment for those who are traditionally undertreated — racial and ethnic minority individuals, older… read more.

Video radiology reports valuable for improving patient-centered care

Written by | 21 Apr 2022

According to ARRS’ American Journal of Roentgenology (AJR), video radiology reports have the potential to improve radiologists’ communication with patients, highlighting the importance of imaging in patient-centered care. “Patient-centered video… read more.

Simple diagnostic tool predicts individual risk of Alzheimer’s

Written by | 13 Jun 2021

Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have developed an algorithm that combines data from a simple blood test and brief memory tests, to predict with great accuracy who… read more.

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