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Is bone health linked to brain health?

Written by | 29 Mar 2023

People who have low bone density may have an increased risk of developing dementia compared to people who have higher bone density, according to a study published in… read more.

Best practice for assessing bone health and fracture risk

Written by | 25 Oct 2022

Professor John Carey, Consultant Rheumatologist at Galway University Hospital says the best practice for assessing bone health and fracture risk is to identify people for primary prevention before… read more.

Could blood marker predict the risk of osteoporotic hip fracture in men?

Written by | 19 Aug 2022

Bone health requires a balanced activity of various bone cell types including bone-forming osteoblasts and bone-resorbing osteoclasts. Osteoporosis occurs when osteoclasts dominate without adequate bone formation to compensate…. read more.

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals may impair bone health in male teens

Written by | 8 May 2022

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and phthalates (two types of endocrine-disrupting chemicals) may be associated with lower bone mineral density in male teens, according to a new study… read more.

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